Track your sites.

Free mobile app to track problems with your web site or server.

Neue is the newest app landing page out there. It is equiped with amazing features and comes with even more amazing support.

Useful tool for system administrator

Do you want to know, that apache2 on your server fell down? Maybe, you would like to know it exactly in same moment as it fell? Or it summury down time for the last weak? This app will send you notification as soon as something goes wront with your server and collect all nesessary info, that you could use to fix the problem.

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Amazing Compatibility.

This is yet another place to highlight a feature of your awesome app and talk abit about compatibility maybe? Who knows, the decision is yours to make!

Carefully executed features.

With this loupe you get the chance to stun and amaze your visitors. Also to highlight something really important. Quite handy indeed.

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